Super Bowl 55 Betting Picks

Super Bowl 55 Betting Picks

Believe it or not, we have reached the optimal time to make Super Bowl picks. The NFL has just wrapped up the Wild Card Weekend and is prepping for the divisional playoffs. With eight teams remaining, this means there are enough options to keep the odds profitable, but not so many that your predictions start to feel like a stab in the dark.

Before we dive into our latest NFL picks, including our projections for the AFC and NFC conference champions, let's take a look at the latest Super Bowl odds from Bovada

Kansas City Chiefs+200
Green Bay Packers+400
Buffalo Bills+500
New Orleans Saints+550
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+650
Baltimore Ravens+700
Los Angeles Rams+2000
Cleveland Browns+2500

Like always, we recommend you double check these lines before placing your wager. All NFL Super Bowl odds may move between now and the start of the divisional playoff games. On to our picks!

Super Bowl LV Betting Breakdown

Let's start things off by looking at the best conference champion options, as this will determine which teams end up in the Super Bowl. All NFL playoff odds here will be referring strictly to the conference title. We'll begin with AFC.

Best AFC Champion Bets

Of the four AFC teams that remain, we believe these two have the best crack at making it through to the Super Bowl.

Kansas City Chiefs (-130)

Nothing that happened during Wild Card Weekend changed the oddsmakers' opinion of the Chiefs. We don't blame them. 

If anything, Kansas City's Super Bowl stock has never been simpler. One of their foremost AFC challengers, the Pittsburgh Steelers, was bounced from the playoffs at the hands of the Cleveland Browns. The Chiefs will now play the Browns themselves in the divisional round, giving them a substantially easier matchup and pretty much guaranteeing an AFC Conference Championship appearance.

Aside from the more favorable path to the Super Bowl, it just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to bet against an offense led by Patrick Mahomes. Kansas City is averaging nearly 30 points per game—and that's with mail-it-in performances during Week 16 and Week 17 baked in.

kansas city chiefs

"Kansas City Chiefs" is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Baltimore Ravens (+350)

A lot of people will go with the Buffalo Bills (+300) in this space. We don't blame them. Quarterback Josh Allen is captaining one of the league's most dangerous offenses.

Still, the Ravens' combination of defense and balanced offense is too tantalizing for us to pass up. They enter their divisional showdown against the Bills as an underdog at +125, but they're second in points allowed per contest and quarterback Lamar Jackson dispelled notions that he couldn't perform during the playoffs by absolutely walloping the Tennessee Titans' defense through the air and on the ground.

AFC Champion Prediction

Everyone probably assumes we're rolling with the Chiefs. And, well, they're not wrong.

That said, we caution against being too confident in a Kansas City-Baltimore matchup. If there's any defense in the AFC that can slow the Chiefs, it's the Ravens' secondary. 

With all of this in mind, we still don't view anyone in the conference as a real challenger to Mahomes and crew.

OSB AFC Title Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs (-130)

Kansas City Chiefs To win the AFC

Best NFC Champion Bets

These two teams represent our most intriguing NFC Title bets. Once again, all odds refer to the NFC Championship itself and not the Super Bowl.

Green Bay Packers (+130)

Do we have some doubts about the Packers' league-best offense? You betcha. Green Bay is painfully reliant on quarterback and MVP candidate Aaron Rodgers. It gives them the look and feel of a team that could be shut down by a defense schooled in its sideline coverages.

Theoretically, the Los Angeles Rams (+800), the Packers' divisional opponent, profile as that team. They are first in points allowed per game and first in passing touchdowns allowed as well. They have the ability to take away Rodgers' first and second options and make Green Bay uncomfortably dependent on the ground game.

That risk isn't enough for us to think the Packers will fold at home. Besides, the Rams offense has been one of the league's biggest seesaws all season.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+300)

Convention dictates we go with the New Orleans Saints (+225) in this spot. They are a -165 favorite to beat the Bucs in their divisional matchup, with an offense and defense that both rank in the top five.

Something about this Saints squad feels off, though. Drew Brees has been banged up all year, and Alvin Kamara is only just starting to string together explosive performances on the ground again.

On top of that, it's really hard for us to wager against Tom Brady in this scenario. His arm strength is no longer as big of an issue within a dynamic Bucs offense, and their defense is peaking at the right time. If you're going to bet on them, we'd endorse doing so now, while they're paying out 3-to-1 for the NFC title and +145 for their game against the Saints.

tampa bay

"Tampa Bay Buccaneers" is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


NFC Champion Prediction

If you want to go with the Packers here, feel free. But we always prefer teams that sport a better two-way balance.

In this case, that's the Bucs. The offense is built to go toe-to-toe with Green Bay, and their defense has outperformed that of the Packers in recent weeks.

OSB NFC Title Prediction: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+300)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers To win the NFC

Super Bowl Predictions

Our official Super Bowl matchup prediction is Chiefs versus Bucs. Many sportsbooks have pulled their matchup props, but Kansas City-Tamp Bay was laying +650 the last time we checked.

As for who will win this theoretical game, the decision isn't hard. We are still going with the defending champs. We don't see a defense left in the playoff picture that can stop them, and as scary as the Bucs offense has become, they don't have the big-play potential to survive a shootout with the Chiefs.

OSB Super Bowl Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs (+200)

Kansas City Chiefs To win the Super Bowl

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