Early Super Bowl LVII Picks: Chiefs, Bills, Packers and Cowboys Set to Lord Over NFL

Early Super Bowl LVII Picks: Chiefs, Bills, Packers and Cowboys Set to Lord Over NFL

Check out our early best NFL bets to win Super Bowl LVII.

Though the Los Angeles Rams were just recently crowned NFL champions, it's never too early to begin betting on Super Bowl LVII. Indeed, there can be some risk to investing in betting odds on the NFL so early into the offseason, before 2022 NFL free agency and the 2022 NFL draft take place. At the same time, this also means you'll be treated to more enticing lines since bookmakers haven't had the opportunity to adjust their Super Bowl odds based on all the offseason transactions.

In the spirit of capitalizing on the best NFL betting lines possible, we've got early Super Bowl LVII picks from a field that currently favors the Chiefs, Cowboys, Packers, and Bills. But before we go any further, here are the latest odds to win Super Bowl LVII:

To Win Super Bowl LVIIBetOnline
Buffalo Bills+700
Kansas City Chiefs+750
Green Bay Packers+950
Los Angeles Rams+1200
San Francisco 49ers+1300
Dallas Cowboys+1400
Baltimore Ravens+1800
Cincinnati Bengals+2000
Los Angeles Chargers+2400
Tennessee Titans+2400
Denver Broncos+2400
Indianapolis Colts+2600
Arizona Cardinals+2800
Cleveland Browns+2800
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+2800
New England Patrios+3000
Minnesota Vikings+3300
Las Vegas Raiders+3300
Philadelphia Eagles+3300
Pittsburgh Steelers+3300
Miami Dolphins+4000
Seattle Seahawks+4000
New Orleans Saints+4500
Atlanta Falcons+5000
Washington Commanders+5500
Carolina Panthers+6000
Chicago Bears+8000
Jacksonville Jaguars+10000
New York Giants+10000
New York Jets+12500
Detroit Lions+15000
Houston Texans+15000

All of our betting odds on the NFL Super Bowl are accurate entering Monday, March 7. If you're placing your wager thereafter, definitely make sure you're checking these odds on the NFL before settling on any Super Bowl picks. These betting lines will continue to move throughout the 2022 offseason and regular season, as signings and trades happen and games eventually unfold.

Among the benefits of early NFL Super Bowl odds, though, is the opportunity to take a trip through our reviews of the top online sportsbooks. We've compiled a list of all the intel you need to spot and use the absolute best NFL betting sites in 2022.

Can the Rams Repeat as Super Bowl Champs?

The Rams (+1200) are coming back fairly low on the Super Bowl poll for a reigning champ. Oddsmakers typically give those staging a title defense top-two positioning unless they're undergoing major change.

And, well, Los Angeles might.

Aaron Donald remains undecided on retirement, and he's the heart and soul of the defense. Coupled with quarterback Matthew Stafford having just turned 34 and Odell Beckham Jr. suffering a torn ACL in this past season's Super Bowl, the Rams could have their work cut out for them. 

To be sure: Los Angeles will remain a threat, particularly if Donald returns. They just shouldn't be the favorite.

Los Angeles Rams To win Super Bowl LVII

Why the Bills are Favorites to Win Super Bowl LVII

If the Rams aren't going to be Super Bowl favorites, then who?

The Bills (+700) apparently will be.

This is somewhat puzzling. Buffalo has no doubt come together under quarterback Josh Allen, a burgeoning offense, and a hellfire defense. They also shouldn't lose anyone major over the offseason. Still, they flashed limitations in big games this year, especially against top-10 defenses.

Make no mistake: The Bills are Super Bowl LVII contenders. We're just not sure they're favorites.

Buffalo Bills To win Super Bowl LVII

Are Packers Super Bowl LVII Contenders?

The Packers (+950) saw their Super Bowl odds go through the roof once word broke that Aaron Rodgers would not only be foregoing retirement but didn't plan to ask for a trade. That's great news for both Green Bay fans and bettors.

However, knowing how much Rodgers has waffled on his future in the past, it's best to approach the odds on the Packers with caution until he's fully committed to a direction. And yes, it is that simple. Green Bay is a legit contender with him and absolutely nothing without him.

Green Bay Packers To win Super Bowl LVII

Better Super Bowl LVII Bet: Chiefs or Cowboys?

Some people will see great value in the Cowboys (+1400) after the season they just turned in. No offense did a better job at both running and passing the ball for most of the year, and they have a young Defensive Player of the Year cornerstone in Michah Parsons.

For the life of us, though, we just can't quit the Chiefs (+750). Their loss to the Bengals (+2000) during the 2021 AFC playoffs was no doubt surprising, but it was not a harbinger of doom. Patrick Mahomes returned to MVP form by year's end, the defense showed a ton of improvement, and they have the cap flexibility to make some big splashes on the trade market and in free agency.

Kansas City Chiefs To win Super Bowl LVII

Predicting the Winner of Super Bowl LVII

Go somewhere else if you're looking for an off-the-beaten path Super Bowl prediction. We can't bring ourselves to drop a spicy opinion just for the sake of being bold.

We are riding with the Chiefs.

Sure, if their offensive malaise from earlier this year spanned the entire season, we might've cared. It didn't. Mahomes eventually started slinging fire, and there is no better one-two punch at tight end and receiver than the Travis Kelce-Tyreek Hill tandem.

Combine this offense with the defensive strides Kansas City made, and they have a real chance to not just win Super Bowl LVII, but actually run away with it.

Kansas City Chiefs To win Super Bowl LVII

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